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Can I use my international driver's license?
Yes, valid drivers licenses issued in your state or country is acceptable. Please verify that your drivers license is not expired or suspended.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, insurance is required by state law.  All customers with a US or Canada Drivers License will be requested to provide proof of insurance at time of rental. Your inability to provide proof of insurance may result in refusal to rent. (NO EXCEPTIONS). regardless of rental car coverage, we require purchase of CDW insurance for the protection of our vehicles. Collision Damage Waiver ( SUV, Luxury and Maxi Van,Ford Expeditions) $19.99 per day Collision Damage Waiver (Mini Vans & Convertibles) $14.99 per day Collision Damage Waiver (Economy through Full Size) $ 14.99 per day Supplemental Liability Coverage $14.99 per day Personal Accident Insurance $8.99 per day Provides medical expense coverage for the renter and passengers in the rental vehicle in the event of an accident in addition to an accidental death benefit.


What are your age requirements?
You have to be at least 21 years of age. If you are between the ages of 21-24, there will be added charges.


Do you pick up and drop off customers?
Yes, we have a service to pick up and drop off customers for rentals.

Do you pick up at the airports?
Yes, upon arrival at the miami international airport, take the elevator to level 3. Follow the signs that will lead you to the miami mover, and it will transport you to the miami rental car center, 4th floor, 5th column. we are located outside. Call upon arrival, our phone number is toll free. (305) 871-7881 listening carefully to the operator. Dial the number according to your rental office or for faster service, you can call our hot-line at 1- 888.287.4229

Do you provide Sunpass Service?
Yes, if you or any driver operate the rental vehicle and generate an unpaid toll, you will be charged our Toll Pass Convenience Charge of $10.00 for each day you use a toll road or bridge plus the cost of all unpaid tolls. The maximum Toll Pass Convenience Charge for the rental period is $40.00, plus the cost of all unpaid tolls.

Method of payment

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay cash, check, or card. (we do not accept american express cards.) All Cash & Card Rentals are required to Purchase CDW Coverage, plus a Secure deposit Starting at $300.00

Can I use another persons credit card for renting a vehicle?
Yes, but the card holder must present themselves with proper i.d. to sign the rental contract.


Do I need a deposit?
Yes, a deposit is required for security purposes. The amount of the requested deposit will be returned to you. All Cash & Debit Card Rentals are required to Purchase CDW Coverage, plus a Secure deposit Starting at $300.00

Reservation Deposits and 1-2-3 Auto Rental's Cancellation / No show policy.

At 1-2-3 Auto Rental we offer the lowest rates available. This is why we need to have a guarantee on the reservation. However we understand that travel plans may change. If you need to cancel, do it as early as possible, as the fee is $25.00 for Economic - Full Size Vehicles, when cancelling 24 hours before pickup, and a $50.00 fee for Mini-vans - Luxury Vehicles. We can not offer a refund due to our commitment for holding the vehicle which could have been asigned to someone else. The Reservation deposits are based on the type of vehicle, they range from $25.00 to $50.00 for credit / debit deposits. Cancellations must be sent via e-mail, or called in by our toll free number to avoid any charges. All vehicle reservations are held for two hours only after pick-up time. After this grace period, the reservation automatically will be cancelled.

How much is the deposit?
The deposits are based on the type of vehicle, usually from $300.00 to $500.00 for cash deposits. Conditions may apply.

Type of vehicles

What type of cars do you have?
We have economy, compact, mid-size, full-size, minivans, SUVs and some exotic cars.

Do you have automatic or stick shift cars?
We have automatic cars and stick shift cars, make sure you ask for a stick shift in advance. Since most of our cars are automatic.

Do you have air conditioned cars?
Yes, all our cars have air conditioning.

Do you rent cars by the hour?
Yes, cars can be rented by the hour with a minimum of 5 hours.


Do you offer accessories with your rentals?
We do have accessories that can be rented with the vehicles. The accessories are car seats for children, cell phones, sim cards for cross country calling, and GPS systems.

Additional charges

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?
Yes, additional charges apply when the vehicle is to be driven by more than one person.

Is there an additional charge for fuel?
Fuel must be brought back the same way it was given to you. If return with less fuel than you originally had, a fee of $4.95 per gallon will be applied .

Is there an additional charge for underage?
Yes, it only applies to customers that are 21-24 years old.


Can I drive out-of-state?
Vehicles can only be driven within the state of Florida. Any vehicle driven out of state of Florida will lead to the customer automatically will be charged $500.00 USD as a penalty. Also, CDW (collision Damage Waiver) will be void and vehicle automatically will be with out coverage.

If I rent a vehicle for a month can I get a good price?
Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month and receive a special rate.


Do you have AAA, travel agencies or airport employee's discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts to members of any one of these associations.

Do you offer coupons?
Yes, if you register to our website we will send promotions when available.

Returning vehicles

If I have a flight leaving during your closing hours, is there anywhere I can leave your vehicle?
Yes, we have a drop off service. Let us know in advance for instructions on where to leave your vehicle.